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The Beginning of Becoming Minimalist

  Setahun terakhir, saya nampaknya terobsesi dengan konsep minimalist. Secara singkat (sesuai yang saya pahami), konsep ini mengajarkan kita untuk hidup secara sederhana dan terorganisir. Konsep ini mengajarkan kita untuk merasa cukup (contentedness) dan menikmati setiap momen dalam hidup. Tujuannya tentu saja agar lebih bahagia dengan hidup yang mindfullness. Ketika kita menjalankan konsep ini, kita […]

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About Being Grateful, Is It Okay to Take Everything for Granted?

Oftentimes in my life, I take everything for granted. Despite the failure I had, I consider my self as the one who could learn from mistakes. I put the failures aside, and try again—not necessarily harder, but I know I try again. That’s what I am doing that shaped me what am I today. Then, […]

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Moving On, Starting Over, and Slowing Down

As always, days gone so fast that now we are almost reach the midst of this year. I still remember the festive of new year celebration, the contemplation writing, and the resolution to live in. Since the last writing, my life also speeding up. it goes not-so-fast at some point, but over all, it run […]

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The First Week of 2017

Spending the first week of 2017 at the office, I am thrilled. I kinda get the sense that this year will be wonderful and full of surprises (these are my words to describe busyness and its hustle-bustle). It is not the coincidence that I spend the whole 7 days at the office. Since September last […]

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The Kaleidoscope of 2016 in Pictures

Though 2016 goes so fast, I believe the memories will never fade. I still remember in the beginning of 2016, I thought 2015 was the best at the moment. I feel grateful for that, and it’s true as the promise, when you grateful, God will multiple the blessings. And I want to do it again […]

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