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The Kaleidoscope of 2016 in Pictures

Though 2016 goes so fast, I believe the memories will never fade. I still remember in the beginning of 2016, I thought 2015 was the best at the moment. I feel grateful for that, and it’s true as the promise, when you grateful, God will multiple the blessings. And I want to do it again […]

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Glasgow: A year to Remember, a Contemplation after MSc

I was firstly came here on 9 September 2015. It’s a dream come true, to finally pursuing my master degree overseas. It might sounds not so special, but for me, the attempt to convince my Dad–that I’ll be okay living far away from the family–was the hardest part earlier this journey. Anyway, here I am […]

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The Best Birthday Gift for My 24

  Finally. It takes 3 months to finish this. Alhamdulillah. I could say the journey was fruitful yet challenging. Regardless the result, I am happy that I could submit it on time – well, 5 days before the deadline. So, I consider this as a birthday gift to myself. I dont always give myself a present, […]

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24 Things I Learned in My 24 years

20 July is my birthday. This year, I celebrate it with this list, with a hope that I’ll be better version of my self in upcoming years.   Here we go:  1. Family is number one. It really is. I have proved it, they are our best support system ever. They are the home where […]

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A Birthday Post for A Boyfriend

Selamat ulangtahun, Aa. M. Ramdhan Abdurasyid. Six months ago, when we are officially in a relationship, I never thought that I could fall for you again and again, everyday. The days we had when we were living in the same city, would probably the best old days I had in last years. I know that […]

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