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Weekend Gateway to Padang

Ramdhan and I so excited to get invited by one of our friend’s wedding in Padang last week (18/02). Both of us never been to Padang before, thus we think it might be a great idea to spend the weekend. Had the backpack and explore the city. *** The First Day We took the very […]

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The Kaleidoscope of 2016 in Pictures

Though 2016 goes so fast, I believe the memories will never fade. I still remember in the beginning of 2016, I thought 2015 was the best at the moment. I feel grateful for that, and it’s true as the promise, when you grateful, God will multiple the blessings. And I want to do it again […]

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Working and Travelling: All in a Marrakech’s Package

Before going back to school for master, I used to have such a working-travelling as a journalist. That’s a perk of being journalist: we can do both at same time, got paid of what we love the most.¬†And, Marrakech is the first trip I have after going back to real life (after obtained master). So […]

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Lombok and Gili Trawangan

(Pict: a beach in Gili Trawangan) Visiting Lombok and the Gilis has been on my list, yet I crossed it just a couple week ago. I went there for a short gateaway on 14-18 Sep 2016, with 3 and half days actual spending time. Deciding to sleep in Mataram at the first night was actually […]

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Eurotrip 2k16: 12 days, 5 countries, 10 cities

It’s a common thing for a student studying in the UK or other European countries to do a eurotrip. I did it after the submission of my dissertation before flying back to Indonesia. This time, with a limited time and preparation, Okky and I visited France, Belgium, Netherlands, Getmany, and Czech Republic. Overall, the trip […]

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