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A Birthday Post for A Boyfriend

Selamat ulangtahun, Aa.
M. Ramdhan Abdurasyid.

Six months ago, when we are officially in a relationship, I never thought that I could fall for you again and again, everyday. The days we had when we were living in the same city, would probably the best old days I had in last years. I know that long distance relationship is appalling, but since I can feel your presence in my daily, I hope it works for us. Till we meet again, love!

Happy birthday, A.

I hope you become the best version of yourself:

The best lover I could ask for,

The best son your parent might wish,

The best brother your siblings ever had,

The best friend your buddies could find,

The best version of you, yourself.


Happy birthday, A.

As you always said,

I hope you always feel grateful so you can make yourself happy,

I hope you always feel blessed and loved so you can love even more,

I hope you always feel lucky so you understand how important to keep yourself healthy.


Most of all,

I hope you enjoy your life as much as you could.

Have A Happy birthday, A.

Have a blast year ahead.

A great great days await!

Much love,



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