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24 Things I Learned in My 24 years

20 July is my birthday. This year, I celebrate it with this list, with a hope that I’ll be better version of my self in upcoming years.


Here we go: 

1. Family is number one. It really is. I have proved it, they are our best support system ever. They are the home where our heart and soul belongs. They help us to be who we are today. Therefore, make the best of our time with them. None should replace their position as priority in my life.

2. Forgive and Forget. Forgive those who make you sad or upset. After that, forget. It could be hard, but that’s the best gift we can give to ourself.

3. Sabr. Dont get rush of everything. Some things just work slowly, because it has the process, it just as it is. But that’s all fine. Enyoy the process.

4. Be focus. Distractions are everywhere, but main destination awaits and it can not be perfect unless you stay focus. Sometimes it means that we have to let it go of something we want. Be clear of the goals, stay focus. Priority management is crucial. It helps us being effective and efficient. It’s the art of living mindfulness.

5. Do not be shy to ask for help. Ask and you shall receive. If people could not help us, that’s fine. Dont take it personal. Maybe they just could not. Conversely, If we do good, that’s actually for us. Not for everyone else. What goes around comes around. A good deed is a circle, we dont get a good thing directly from people next to us, or those we have helped.

6. Dont put your expectation too high. Sometimes it’s nice to expect a good things that might happen to us, but keep it rational. Otherwise, we will end up with much disappointments. Life as we have it.

7. Learn from mentors. Choose the role models. They can be everyone and might not having a perfect life. But they are good to keep us motivated especially in certain aspect of life. Take the good ones, left the bad ones. If possible, create a relations, the senior might be happy to share, they actually love it. Just be polite to them, put respect, and they will love us, they will help us.

8. Never put our happiness on others’ shoulder. We are the one who can take control of it. Like, seriously, it’s us who feel it.

9. We have to make a deal with the past. No matter how bad or good it is, it’s a past. Move on. Let it go. If it’s good, it should motivate you to be better, if it’s the other way around, it should help us learn.

10. Be generous. Give as many as we have. Give, just give. Dont ever count. It has the law to be back to us in multiples.

11. If we decided to be happy, share the happiness. It has a chance to make other’s happy. Even if it’s not, that is not our business. We dont need to make people feel bad because of your hard times or bad experiences.

12. LDR is not recommended. Though we will learn a lot to understand, it creates teardrops in lonely time. Especially when we need them the most in your hard times but they are unavailable. None say it’s easy. But I hope, it’s worth it. I hope the one that I have today, is the last one.

13. Express our self. Be true. If we like it, say it. If not, say it too. But remember, we will always have the option to say it politely.

14. Don’t indicate if we are againts someone on social media. People who read, judge. Better go away from social media when we dislike someone. Otherwise, Speak only the words of affirmation, put control on it. Dont be so mean, because once our words hurt people, they will probably remember it in their life.

15. Because it’s okay to dislike people, even with no clear reason. It’s okay to have different perpective and point of view with orhers. But put our respect to them. Even they dont deserve it, that shows our attitude, not them. However, Dont judge people from other’s opinion. We have the right to judge only if we have proof it yourself.

16. Academic degrees might not bring us to an ultimate happiness. But the journey to achieve it is blissful and memorable. It teaches how to be committed, focus, time management, hard work, friendship, relationship, life balance, and many more. I’ll be holding my master degree this year, and I hope I can start pursuing my PhD in 3-5 years later.

17. We can have it all, but not at the same time. There’s no need in having too much food on a plate. It’s either make us too full or remove the joyous. In some cases, the food will end up at garbage.

18. Value friendship. Never hurt our best friends. They are the one who can support us in your downs, but will always happy in our ups. They are always available when our boyfriend afar.

19. Pay attention to our loved ones. Even if we are not in the mood to talk, if we love them, the consequence is to make them feel good.

20. Be loyal with the job we have. Love it as we are not working but enjoying it. Do some extra miles and never count the wages. It will surely give us an unpredictable surprise. People will love us and remember us as a dedicated one.

21. Treat our self. Give our self a present, especially when we achieve something. It’s the hardworks that paid off. But, It is okay to punish our self. If we did wrong, we actually need to learn even more. Punish ourself just so we can feel better and released after that.

22. Never do a comparison with others. Be grateful of what we have. We have our own life, our own path. It is just unfair to compare our first chapter with other’s fifth chapter. Compare only within ourself.

23. The perfect life we see on TV or social media is not ours. Be should be grateful of what we have. Our family, friends, lover, and healthy, should make us happy.

24. Above all, pray. A good relations with God will never betray us. Having faith is awesome. Be blessed, be grateful. We will have more.

The list might improve, the goal is to be wiser and generous. Welcome 24, self!


Maya. July 2016.

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