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Eurotrip 2k16: 12 days, 5 countries, 10 cities

It’s a common thing for a student studying in the UK or other European countries to do a eurotrip. I did it after the submission of my dissertation before flying back to Indonesia.
This time, with a limited time and preparation, Okky and I visited France, Belgium, Netherlands, Getmany, and Czech Republic. Overall, the trip was incredible with a very good memories. Hereby is the itinerary, full stories is yet to reveal 🙂
However, I think it’s important to give a brief impression to those countries from my very personal point of view.

  • France. We visited Paris. This is a big and beautiful city, it is somehow overrated and crowded. But I understand why people love Paris so much. This coty has its own magic.
  • Belgium. We visited the capital. It’s a small one, not much to explore but it’s worth to visit for an eurotrip.
  • Netherlands. It’s my second visit. It’s still beautiful and didnt change much. We love seeing how people enjoy cycling. We visited Amsterdam, The Hague, Vollendam, and Leiden. I love Leiden above all.
  • Germany. We visited Bonn, Cologne, and Frankfurt. Bonn is small yet beautiful city. I just love it.
  • Czech Republic. We visited the capital. Prague is absolutely stunning. You will surely love it.


Details of each trip will out soon!


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