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Side story of ABU Meetings

I was in Bali last October 2016, attending the 53rd General Assembly meeting of ABU. Despite the fact that not all broadcasters and media people know ABU—-ABU is undeniable popular among State-TV and Radio since the member comes mostly from media owned by the government. ABU- Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has more that 300 members across the region. From Indonesia, it’s represented by TVRI and RRI, the TV and Radio owned by the nation. As a part of TVRI, I am honoured to be able to attend this event. Each year, in line with the GA session, they also host ABU TV Song Festival and ABU Prizes. Both are aimed to strenghten the cooperation among members.
This year is my first year as the delegate, we have meetings -both formal and nonformal. Tough I need to recall all things about broadcasting that I know (which is not much), in fact I enjoyed all the session.

At that time, somehow I miss the IR life. As I took International Relations as my major in my undergraduate, I do really miss IR. The way we do discuss, debate, rebutal and negotiation in international forum. I miss the atmosphere, I miss the vibes.
But I know, it’s also worth it to escorting the way media works in this life, disseminating objective imformation to homes, educating people and inspiring young generation are the noble mission alive. And I can do it through media, through the place I am working now.
But anyway, joining the session in ABU brings me to a contemplation and a very personal pride of working in a state TV of Indonesia, TVRI. You seriously dont need to tell them what’s TVRI, because they know. They respect it as well.


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