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Working and Travelling: All in a Marrakech’s Package

Before going back to school for master, I used to have such a working-travelling as a journalist. That’s a perk of being journalist: we can do both at same time, got paid of what we love the most. And, Marrakech is the first trip I have after going back to real life (after obtained master). So I went to Marrakech for UNFCCC COP22- an annual climate change conference. I was invited by the President’s special envoy of CC to be the MC of two-weeks event in Indonesia Pavilion. I was invited because I am a part of YFCC and had joined COP17 in Durban last 2011. Turning out, I also spoke as one of the speaker in Youth Session. And, since TVRI also sent a cameraman to cover this event, I also become the reporter, all in a package! But to some extent: the most interesting part is also the 3 days off for travelling! Yeayness.
So, here’s the glimpse of my activities as the MC, the speaker and the interviewer during this event.


And, here we come to the travelling section. 

I was visiting Ourika – the Atlas Mountains’ Valley, the famous Jamaa Al Fna, Koutobia Mosque, Madrasah Ben Yossef, and Medina. And of course, tried the local dishes: tagine, shawarma, and kuskus.

Some of my notes during this trip:

  • Prepare a full day to explore medina (included Koutobia and Jamaa Al Fna)
  • The best Koutobia view is at Magrib or sunset: it’s wonderful. If it’s possible, make a prayer there
  • In the morning, try to allocate Ben Yossef and Museum of Marrakech: you’ll be amazed of the architecture, it’s wonderful.
  • Have a lunch in any of the restaurant near Jamaa Al Fna
  • Take a dinner in one of the Cafe in Jamaa Al fna- you’ll get best view
  • Go to Ourika in the morning because you wont miss the beautiful scenery
  • Go to local house to see how they live
  • But better buy souvenir at souk jamaa al fna-
  • I didnt visit sahara due to time. But if you have time, do so. Find the travel agent near jamaa al fna.


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