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Glasgow: A year to Remember, a Contemplation after MSc

I was firstly came here on 9 September 2015. It’s a dream come true, to finally pursuing my master degree overseas. It might sounds not so special, but for me, the attempt to convince my Dad–that I’ll be okay living far away from the family–was the hardest part earlier this journey. Anyway, here I am today, just attended my graduation ceremony, obtained an MSc, and about to leave this city in couple of days. For good.

Glasgow, never across in my mind. Instead, the major big cities like New York, Melbourne, and London was actually flying around my head. But, after living (and commuting) in Jakarta for about 5 years, I found my self not really get into the busy cities. So, “stranded” in the city of Glasgow for a year might probably the best choice for me. Glasgow is dynamic, not too crowded, but for sure you can find everything here. Glasgow is the answer of my prayer to study and live overseas in-not-so-crowded-city.
I literally found everything here. I found a new environment, new people, new friends-that happened to be my best friends now, and a life partner. They are all great. I am blessed.
A year in Glasgow taught me many things: to forgive and forget the past, to be quickly move on, to be okay for not being the best in class, to reestablish the spirit to do better, to share the flat and loving my flatmate as I love my very own sister, to take a decision, to be a solo traveler, to arrange everything by myself, to maintain the long distance relationship, to arrange the financial, to live my life to the fullest. I am very much becoming an upgraded version of my life.

A year in Glasgow also becoming the year when I started planning my future, learning from the environment near me. Contemplating life, calculating and executing options, I am blessed to have someone to start planning those altogether.

A year in Glasgow show me that it is possible to have a balanced life, doing PhD and manage to be a mother, an option I might take in the future.
A year in Glasgow taught me, that it might be okay to be patient and it is also okay to take the risks.
A year in Glasgow, give me another three letter I can put behind my name in special occasion:

The three letter that I hope can give a value added to my future life.
Now, as I promise to my self, it’s time for me to move forward to another journey. To put more patience in my personal life and my working life.

Finally, it’s time to seatback and relax: planning what to do next. Another great great journey awaits.

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