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The Kaleidoscope of 2016 in Pictures

Though 2016 goes so fast, I believe the memories will never fade. I still remember in the beginning of 2016, I thought 2015 was the best at the moment. I feel grateful for that, and it’s true as the promise, when you grateful, God will multiple the blessings. And I want to do it again for the upcoming years. Here’s the list of my TOP 9 memories that depict my gratefulness. It’s actually a very hard picks because 2016 has been a very nice year. But here we go!ps. They are not in order, every photo has a deep memory for me.


(Note: Pict start from the biggest one, to the right (above) and goes down from left to right)

1. A group picture with my family in my graduation day of master degree. It takes almost two days trip from Sekayu to Glasgow. It’s indeed a long journey for my parents. But they made it. All the way from Sekayu just to see and witness my happiness. The support, love and courages really made me proud and bless to have them. My elder sister is not in the photograph because she now has a baby boy (another blessing to our family) and I should thanking my younger sister for taking care of my parents during the trip. I hope I can always make them happy and proud of me in the upcoming year. Because they happiness is very much essential for me.


2. A picture with Mbak Hilya on her graduation of master degree. She is my flatmate in Glasgow. I moved to Grafton Place (our flat) in early 2016 and it’s been a wonderful year. We do shopping, cooking, and sharing altogether. She helps me a lot during the hard times, both for academic and non academic life. I feel so grateful to have her as my flatmate, a sister that I choose to lean on. Glad that we have our holiday in Belfast.


3. A picture of our trip to London. Arranging trip for a solo traveling is easy. But, arranging one for family has its own challenge. I am glad that I can to it like a professional travel agent. Lol. Starting from visa application until we did enjoy London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. They are really nice family. I hope that we have another family trip. Next time might be in Indonesia. It was fun!


4. A picture of me and my boyfriend. All in all, He is a blessing throughout this year. I was dreaming to have a kind-hearted boyfriend and he is all I need. This year is not easy, we don’t always in a very good relationship, we fight too. But this fruitful journey is truly wonderful. He is my happiness and now becoming one of my priorities. And, the way he proposed me is breath-taking moment. He is romantic on his own way. I hope our planning for 2017 comes true smoothly.


5. A group picture with my classmate. Having them since 2015 is of course a remarkable blessing. I feel connected with them and made a very good friendship with some of them.


6. A picture with Kak Okky during our Eurotrip. We actually have many trip and adventure altogether, in the UK as well. She is available through thick and thin. I can not imagine how my master life will be without her presence.


7. A picture of mine during my presentation as a speaker in Marrakech. Becoming the MC and journalist to cover the UNFCCC COP 22 is definitely one of the best experiences I had during 2016. It’s good both for my personal and professional journey.


8. A picture of mine during presidential visit in London. As a journalist who take one year leave for continuing the study, I feel blessed to have a chance to cover this agenda. I also give a report during ALL ENGLAND 2016 and also fasting month and Ied Al-Fitr event. At least, I don’t forget how cool is that to create great memory during my stay in the UK.


9. A stunning picture of Machu Picchu. This picture is one of my favorites. I always wanted to do solo traveling, and feel so grateful to execute this dream in 2016. I will never forget this journey. It gave me insight and another perspective of life.


Bring it on, 2017! 

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