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The First Week of 2017

Spending the first week of 2017 at the office, I am thrilled. I kinda get the sense that this year will be wonderful and full of surprises (these are my words to describe busyness and its hustle-bustle).

It is not the coincidence that I spend the whole 7 days at the office. Since September last year, I work at the news room and assigned as the assistant producer for the news program at the prime time broadcasted daily.

It is funny how the universe treats us. What I expect somehow comes true. I assigned as the presidential journalist to cover the news related to the vice president. In addition, I also become the program host for a brand new program, Jurnal Ekonomi – a weekly program that cover economic issue – at this office. For sure I am happy, I got busy again! But deep down inside my heart, there is still a desire to face new challenge in new place. But, as the time will always running – even flying, I commit to do the best as I can do. I respect myself and I want myself responsible for what I have right now.
As I always feel as a positive person, I am grateful and blessed for today. I think, in this year, I want to prioritize myself, my family and my partner. I just want to be happier and share more, and enjoy the life to the fullest. There is still another 51 weeks and let’s bring it on!

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