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Weekend Gateway to Padang

Ramdhan and I so excited to get invited by one of our friend’s wedding in Padang last week (18/02). Both of us never been to Padang before, thus we think it might be a great idea to spend the weekend. Had the backpack and explore the city.


The First Day
We took the very first flight from CGK to PDG. By that, we head to the airport around 3 am in the morning on Saturday. Still sleepy as you guess. Fortunately, my uncle was able to collect us from the airport (Minangkabau Intl Airport)– otherwise we had to take a cab with around 40mins driving. Then he took us to his favorite breakfast: Soto Padang – sorry I forgot the place, but it tasted good! With happy tummies, he took us to see the city scenery in the morning, including pay a visit to Taplau, the city beach. Padang is literally hot. It was 9 am but feel like 12 pm.  After a brief strolling around the city, we head to the wedding ceremony till 2 pm. Then took nap on the way to my uncle’s home.

Then, in the afternoon, we agreed to chase the sunset at Pantai Air Manis, riding ATV, taking picture of Batu Malin Kindang and ate bakso bakar. Perfect afternoon. Oh not only that, when you come to Padang, it’s mandatory to eat the famous of Nasi Padang. So the best choice was Lamun Ombak. You got it, folks! Because this restaurant was the former president’s hot pick when he was in Padang. So we close the day with happy tummy. At least we visited couple of beach, I was so happy because I know Ramdhan loved it as well. He is a typical of beach boy! Lol.

(Pict: A stunning sunset at Pantai Air Manis)

The Second Day
We wake up in the morning. What I remembered was the “didikan subuh”, when some of students will go to the mosque and do Koran’s reading – with that sound of course. But it’s so beautiful to see they are educated with a very great way of Islam. At least they will remember something in their adulthood.
Anyway, since Monday 19/02 was the only day we can spend time in Padang to explore the city, we decided to use the time optimally. We started from: Lembah Anai waterfall (you can just pass this or just take some pictures), continued to Istana Pagaruyung (make sure you put on the traditional costumes, they rent it for 40k/pcs, and take as many pictures as you want. It really cool to experiences Minangnese even for a while). After enjoying the Palace, we continued the trip to Bukit Tinggi and passed Kelok 9. The view of Kelok 9 is pretty amazing, we enjoyed Jagung Bakar while enjoying the view. Meanwhile, Bukit Tinggi is also a very lively city. We ate our late lunch here, the infamous Nasi Kapau, take some picture of the landmark Jam Gadang, and visited Ngarai Sianok that is integrated to Lubang Jepang–a tunnel built in when Japan was here. The last one, we were glad that we managed to pay a visit to a beautiful landscape of Danau Maninjau with Kelok 44 as the bonus afterwards.
It was a very short gateway and ofc a very nice experience! We flew back to Jakarta on Sunday. Got several hours of delayed. But finally we got home! Thanks, Padang!


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