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Moving On, Starting Over, and Slowing Down

As always, days gone so fast that now we are almost reach the midst of this year. I still remember the festive of new year celebration, the contemplation writing, and the resolution to live in. Since the last writing, my life also speeding up. it goes not-so-fast at some point, but over all, it run even faster than I can imagine. Have you ever felt the same way as I do? I mean, feeling that you really need to take a break of this life activities – for awhile. Here’s the glimpse of what happened since the first month of this year. and in meantime, I actually start to give the meaning of my time while manage my heart.


Moving On

Has been working for more than 4 years in a particular company brings me to be a different version of myself back then. I was thinking (and seems my friends and family probably do the same) that I am going to spend the rest of my career in a TV or broadcasting or media related world. I pursued my master degree in line with this world. At that time, with all the idealism inside my heart as young-energetic-people. I really want to improve the company, working tirelessly and build a better one. but then I realized that something might change.
Yes, “the homecoming” to the company after my master graduations was probably one of the reason I won’t regret. Why? because of that decision, I open my point of view and my perspective, that the journey is actually wide open just in front of my eyes. I rethink the options to take a totally different career path and convince myself that it is okay to move on.
I am excited, but you know— moving is always complicated. it’s about the dreams you bring since childhood. it’s about the fullfillment feeling of doing the job you like….


Starting Over

Yes, I finally take the decision to start over my job life. However, I always believe there is no need to be original, because in this interconnected world, everything has relations, everything is linked. Thus, even if I move to another company, I can still use my skill that I used to executed at the previous company. the different now is, it will remain as the soft skill while I am now given a chance to learn more new thing in professional way. I might want to learn more about the management and marketing stuff. I want to dig more this field so I can be an outstanding one.
A beginning is always hard since we have to do double job. To mastering new thing and to impress people with your job (and personality because sometimes it matters in work field).


Slowing Down

Just the time I realized days gone faster, I try to slowing down the way I rush everything. The next five months will be the most important transition time of my life. Rather, I want to make the most of my time not only to enjoy the life but also to prepare the big day, the next step of my life.
Oh, I am a typical of what-next-person, so even if I slow a bit, I keep planning ahead.

I’ll let my 24-26 years become the years in which I can enjoy the life to the fullest and experience a mindfulness life.

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