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About Being Grateful, Is It Okay to Take Everything for Granted?

Oftentimes in my life, I take everything for granted. Despite the failure I had, I consider my self as the one who could learn from mistakes. I put the failures aside, and try again—not necessarily harder, but I know I try again. That’s what I am doing that shaped me what am I today. Then, no wonder why, despite the bitter fails of experience, I also got some of achievements I pursue. I convinced myself that I have to achieve at least one big leap in every year. I forget since when I set this, but as long as I remember it was in 2007 since I entered my high school. Then here I am, living with full of dreams in each year.

I live my life to the fullest. Well, we might have different perspective on this. But for me, the way I live my life give me a total pleasure of a human being— of a daughter. I am not raised from that-rich-family, but as long as I remember, my parent could afford anything we need —may be not things we wanted but that’s a blessing. They are also not coming from oh-so-well-educated-parent, yet I am able to be poured by wise and open-minded perspective not to be racism and advised to be good to others. I am also not raised in a big-city-with-a-complete-facilities, yet I don’t experience what so called culture shock when I first enter the University. Instead, I can adapt soon because in my family, we trained to be independent and I put in a good school. And, as I remember, I always got support from our very inner family. All that, I take for granted. At the moment, what I learned is that we—as the human kind— should always put the best effort in what we are doing, trying hard, and obey parents’ rules.

By that prior experiences, I just realized that I almost take every milestones of my life for granted. I took some challenges, failed, try again, failed again, and I am glad that I got through this with loving family and best support system I can have by far. Friends and relatives are also there every time I need them the most.

I come to a decision that my life goes way to fast compare to my peers. But then I realize, people have their own time zone, and it might distinguish one another. I remember my sister one told me that She thought my life is so wonderful because I got all I want, but She poor me for not having a dream relationship. In other case, my very best friend told me once that I can never slowing down my life because that’s what I am, while She felt that her life goes slowly. However, I adore my sister for her relationship for years, and also amazed by my best friend’s achievement in what-she-called-slowness. Then I (again) realized, there’s nothing to compare. That’s what we have on plate. There is no battle and there is no single life that will be same to others.

At the end, I come to a conclusion that what we have to do is all being grateful. Every single lives has its own timeline and timezone. All we need is to be grateful, because it’s okay to take everything for granted as long as we pay more attention to be grateful. As long as we are happy of our lives, because that what’s matter the most.

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