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It’s a Quarter of a Century!

It’s almost 5 A.M. in the morning when I opened my eyes with a new age. I am blessed, I am now 25 yo. A quarter of a century.

I got several birthday greetings that morning, but the one that I really really loved coming from my fiancé. Not to mention, I got several birthday cakes from my surroundings. My new friends in Telkom, people in TVRI, and for sure, my love ones. I feel blessed and loved. And I am thanking God for that.

If in the last year I wrote about 24 things I learned in my 24 years. This year, I want to do a flashback. It’s actually not a full year flash back since I usually do a flashback at the end of the year and my birthday is in the mid year. So, I am lucky enough to have two flashbacks within a year.


I moved to many places
Coming back to Jakarta after my master in early of September, I moved back to my previous kosan at Saidi50. I turned back my normal life as a journalist, but this time with so much different. I learned how to manage my financial strictly. But then again, it a blessing to have Ramdhan by my side. Instead of taking money from my piggy bank gradually, Ramdhan guided me to be more effective and efficient.

I become nomad since then. I spent around 7 months in kosan at Saidi50. Afterward, I decided to resign from TVRI and moved to Telkom in April (and stay in Bandung for one-month training). From Bandung, I moved to Jatinegara for 2 months and continued to stay at my friend’s kosan for a month before finally settling down at my current kosan in Patal Senayan. I have tried searching for another kosan in several areas, but I ended up choosing my current kosan because I like the neighborhood and just love the facilities.


I practice the minimalist life style since June
I am glad to announce that the only personal thing I bought in last one month is my new wallet. And it’s not that expensive which made me proud of myself. I bought much other stuff, but it is all considered as daily needs. So, there is no guilty feeling for that. About a month becoming a minimalist, I become more content by now, yet willing to practice the minimalist life style in future.


We embarked a further step of my love journey

It feels like surreal that we are going to get married very soon! So glad that both families are so cooperative and let us (Ramdhan and I) to decide what we want for the wedding ceremony and fully supported us). Ramdhan is definitely a better half here. If I should thank a particular person aside of my family for this journey, I would like to thank my fiancé, Ramdhan, for doing such an effort to win my parents’ heart. He managed everything smoothly and ensure that our parents still play the important roles.

I considered that Ramdhan and I, we both carried our own baggage, but somehow we understand that it will be less heavy when we bring it altogether. we share almost everything. we have each other’s back.


Lastly, since age is just a number, I want this age gives me an ultimate meaning of life. I can’t wait for the surprise this year would give, in a good way of course!


Happy Birthday!

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