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Three Months of Living the Minimalist Way

It’s been 3 months since I posted about Becoming Minimalist on this blog. I have been working with this simultaneously and trying hard to commit with. In the previous post, I have talked about the concept of minimalism itself. Some groups are being extremely minimalist by implementing the concept so tight, the rest is trying to modify the concept based on their needs. And I will become the last one by taking my very own way.

For the last 3 months, I can say it proudly that I didn’t buy much stuff. Aside of groceries, the last personal stuff I bought was the purse I am using right now. And, I’m so happy for that. You know, it’s kind of personal treatment you give to yourself. I feel released, feel so effective and efficient. At some points, I think that the willingness of becoming minimalist found its way.

As my evaluation of the last 3 months, I know that the main reason why I can be minimalist —in this case not buying and wanting stuff — is because Ramdhan and I are now preparing our big day. Yes, we are getting hitched on next October 7. It’s common that to face the big day, we need to prepare all the things, even if we planned a minimalist wedding. But the fact that we want minimalist ones, makes us focus only on a single thing. And it gets a lot easier because we eliminate unimportant stuff. And it also affects the way I set the priority when it comes to buying or wanting something. As the result, I become more thoughtful and wiser dealing with stuff. I come to the point of realizing that the less the possessions, the more we appreciate what we have and the more we care about the surroundings.

My conclusions for the first 3 months of living the minimalist way come to a point when I knock my heart to open it for another great thing. Little did I know that this way of living led me to a better understanding of living itself, that we don’t need to possess everything we wanted, that we can have less but be happier.

I am still far away from living the minimalist way, I still keep my closet untidy and leave stuff abandoned. But I personally think that it a good deal of starting, I know that I will nail it, living the minimalist way to the next level. The next projects are decluttering my stuff for October project and another dream project is social media diet for the upcoming month.

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