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Reflection for 2017

Few days ago, I saw my colleague — Dea — was doing image-sketching at the office. She said to me she finished the job and would like to her hobby –that she left for a while. I was stunned. I love the she enjoy it. Then suddenly I told her that I have a hobby to write. I showed her my blog and she said I should write again. I nodded, I like writing because I can feel happiness afterwards, I always feel better when I can showcase my stories, experiences or just a simple thought. So, here it is, I am starting to write about my reflection in 2017. Just to remind me that I actually have so many things to be grateful for–because at the end, that what makes us enjoy the present. So here’s the #bestbine post on my instagram.

I didnt make many memories in 2017. I didnt travel often like I used to have in last 2 years. I didnt make much money as well, but I made several significant decisions of my life. I start-over my career, moved to other company, got married and started building family. It makes me somehow missing the old Maya.

It’s in February that I went to the interview for Telkom Indonesia, several weeks after, I got the email telling that I got accepted. It’s kinda a big decision for me to move. I wrote something about this here. I asked my self to deal with this situation that I have to be grateful for having a good job a thousand people want it, but I tell you, it wasnt easy. But it was paid off because I got the award as one of the best trainee among 280 other participants. At least, it made me feel good.

In meantime of my training program in Telkom (6 months in total), I prepared the bid day, the wedding day with Ramdhan in early of October. We managed everything well and did a great cooperation with both families. It continued in early of December 2017 for another wedding celebration in Jakarta. I have my wedding dream despite the complicated preparation. Read more here.

Then, days go as quickly as it does. We are living the marriage life. Experiences several “first time” together, cooking, joking, jogging, and travelling together (to Belitong, story available here). It’s all good that make me think to write a special post for this 🙂

And yes, I realised that I miss the old version of mine, she who loves writing, reading novels, contemplating and at the end of the day: feeling grateful and be calmer. This writing is one kind of the therapy, more to come!

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