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A Little Change

There are so many things happen lately. Are you keeping yourself updated? Today, we are abundant by the heavy information we got online, be it from news portal, social media even from direct interaction on daily basis. We fed up so many things, don’t even have time to digest it carefully. As result, sometimes we feel enough, exhausted and forget to enjoy the life. Unfortunately, that’s what happens in our everyday life recently. The era in which we have to adapt and there’s no opt out. Maybe there is a way out, but the consequences might bring you left behind –still not an option to date. For me, it’s kinda hard not to follow the trend on social media, because that’s a part of my current job, so I salute if you have an option not to bombard yourself with the recent information. To some extent, an absence from social media makes us live with a little bit peace and calmness. But, in my case– and maybe some of us, all I can do is practicing a mindfulness life. How do I deal with?


On Social Media

  1. I try to minimize the platform I use. I used to have an account for every existing social media. But now, I only regularly check my Instagram and Facebook. Lo longer using Path, Twitter or Snapchat and any other social media. I check Instagram because I love seeing good photos, and sometimes checking FB too because I still want to connect with my friends from abroad as they frequently use it. For work, I check LinkedIn too, just to see the work-life at glance and find some interesting articles to read on. But honestly, I check Instagram more compare than 2 others socmed I mention earlier. But I know I have to be wiser on using it. Maybe just a few minutes in the morning, and also sometimes before a long sleep at night. But I have to put exception since I have to check the trend of it. I am currently maintaining the social media at office.
  2. I follow only the account who give me an impact. I have cleaned up my friend list on Facebook. I used to accept every friend request, but I don’t want to see other’s update on my feed without knowing who are they. So sorry then I have to remove those I dont even interact in real life. As for Instagram, I don’t follow many accounts on Instagram (compare with the number of my followers). I dont follow some of my good friends, but it does not mean we are not befriended, we love direct interaction tough. So, if someone say thet got disturbed because of the trend on Instagram (selebgram with jetset lifestyle), maybe because they follow those account too much. I would suggest to not following too much because it really affects the way you see something. Maybe because it’s all visual so we got influenced faster.
  3. I just subscribe to one news portal just to make sure that I am well informed. This portal gives a pop-up notification for breaking news which I think might be important (well, not always). As a journalist back then, it has become my routine to follow the news, just to make sure I know it, even just a little. For me personally, not knowing a thing is a disaster, but still, we have to be wise just to know the general, not need to investigate, because I think it’s not our business.


On Daily Basis

  1. Lately, I don’t interact much. I feel weird at the beginning, thought that there’s something wrong with myself. But then I found that I just want to keep contact with my closest friends from schools and colleagues at the office, my family and some people near our flat because I feel comfortable by doing that. As an extrovert person, it’s kinda hard for me, because I love telling stories to people. But, it somehow brings a peace. I feel like I don’t lose many things by not interacting with too many people. I might be wrong, but at least for now, I feel good.
  2. I don’t buy stuff as I used to. I always think I don’t have enough clothes to put on, but when I check my closet, it’s already full of my stuff. Way much more than my husband has. I think that I have practiced the minimalist way of living — the very beginning step of it. At least I try and I am proud of my self. I wrote about this in the last post, and I re-read it everytime I need to be reminded.
  3. I write a journal on my diary book. The routine I always do at my elementary school age. It’s seriously relieving. I don’t do this every day, but I feel better afterward. I personally think this is the best way than throwing all stuff on social media because people actually don’t care and we will end up feeling so dumb. Seriously, people dont care.


On Family Life

  1. I am now becoming more economical. Becoming a wife and soon to be a mom, I allow myself to exercise the upcoming life I will have. We just buy things (groceries and home stuff) as we need. I don’t always cook, but I become more thoughtful when it comes to picking the restaurant. Not that I don’t want to give a pleasure for us, or pampering the soul after a tough day, I just want to be a good financial manager for my family. And the only way to train it is exercising it by now.
  2. I do planning and saving now. It comes without a doubt that you will never know what will happen in the future. So better be ready and well prepared. So, we start very earlier to pay the insurance for our future children. Not only that, I allocate the money to do the saving. It’s very hard at the beginning, but I want to do at least 25-30% of our income to our piggy bank (another account that we set up for saving). Dont imagine that I do it successfully, I am still struggling in.
  3. I learn to be a good wife and good mom for my future children, so I’ll take as much opportunity to exercise it. I learn how to be optimal in managing time for housework. I do washing the clothes, doing a simple cleaning, cooking, and ironing. It’s all good and I think I start loving it. It always feels good after cooking the dinner and prepare the lunch box. But, I dont always do that, I missed it so many times, try, fail, and try again. At least I keep trying and that makes me feel better.


Now that I have a regular life — such a corporate life when I start my daily activities from 8 to 5, I can manage my time wisely. I try to be effective on working days for work and become optimal during the weekend.

The life I am living right now might be so different than I had previously (I used to be such an active person with so many activities). But we all grew and this time for me, the priority is in the peace living with mindfulness style. I am enjoying this and I hope people do the same with their life.

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