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Review Buku Happy Little Soul

  Terimakasih, Kirana. Mungkin inilah kalimat saya untuk menggambarkan keseluruhan isi buku Happy Little Soul (HPL). Buku ini adalah buku yang saya pilih untuk dibaca diawal bulan Ramadhan tahun ini. Membaca buku ini, meyakinkan saya bahwa semua ada ilmunya, termasuk untuk menjadi #temanmainkirana, seperti yang menjadi bio di laman instagram Mba @retnohening. Buku ini ditulis […]

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About Being Grateful, Is It Okay to Take Everything for Granted?

Oftentimes in my life, I take everything for granted. Despite the failure I had, I consider my self as the one who could learn from mistakes. I put the failures aside, and try again—not necessarily harder, but I know I try again. That’s what I am doing that shaped me what am I today. Then, […]

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Moving On, Starting Over, and Slowing Down

As always, days gone so fast that now we are almost reach the midst of this year. I still remember the festive of new year celebration, the contemplation writing, and the resolution to live in. Since the last writing, my life also speeding up. it goes not-so-fast at some point, but over all, it run […]

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Weekend Gateway to Padang

Ramdhan and I so excited to get invited by one of our friend’s wedding in Padang last week (18/02). Both of us never been to Padang before, thus we think it might be a great idea to spend the weekend. Had the backpack and explore the city. *** The First Day We took the very […]

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The First Week of 2017

Spending the first week of 2017 at the office, I am thrilled. I kinda get the sense that this year will be wonderful and full of surprises (these are my words to describe busyness and its hustle-bustle). It is not the coincidence that I spend the whole 7 days at the office. Since September last […]

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